As your coach, I will help you become a better observer of yourself.

Work with me and I will guide you on the path of self-discovery that will create the foundation from which you can generate new habits and behaviors that will lead you to realize your intentions and actualize your greatest potential.

It is only by developing a keen understanding of your habits, patterns of behavior, personal narratives, and cultural, familial and historical paradigms that you can create the actions that will serve you in accomplishing the results you are striving for. You cannot change what you do not know. And if you do not change your perceptions, your actions ultimately produce the same results that have been keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams in the first place.

Whether you know what you want in life and are not sure how to get there, you seem not to be able to avoid what you don’t want, or simply do not even know what is missing, I will seek to challenge your presumptions and help you recognize the patterns and narratives that are keeping you from living the life you desire.

“We don’t just need a new map: we need ways to change the mapmaker.”

– Ken Wilbur

Lucy Tremols Life Coach

Though a lot of us have some awareness of our issues, we remain stuck, repeating the same patterns of behavior time and time again. To create something new in our lives, we need to develop a new way of being. As your coach, I will not just help you set goals and work on a system of achieving them, but I will go beyond this to support you in a reflection of who you are. It is through this keener self-observation and more astute awareness that we begin to make true and lasting changes.

Our actions are typically consistent with our interpretation of the world. We all function from historical and societal discourses, personal narratives and cultural paradigms. These “stories” color and influence what we do and how we act. Because these interpretations are so ingrained in us, we are often blind to them.

My job is to help you understand your interpretations of your world. In understanding them, you can discern what is serving you and what is holding you back. It is from this awareness that you can begin to move forward in reliable and enduring ways.

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