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Lucy Tremols Life Coach
A Women’s Life Coach
Who Will Help You Live The Very Best Version Of Yourself.

I will guide you in understanding and clarifying your vision and what truly motivates you.


I will support you in uncovering your resistance to change and recognizing your saboteurs.


I will empower you to overcome your habitual patterns and take action that is congruent with your values and dreams.

Work with me and I will guide you on the path of self-discovery that will create the foundation from which you can generate new habits and behaviors that will lead you to realize your intentions and actualize your greatest potential.
It is only by developing a keen understanding of your habits, patterns of behavior, personal narratives, and cultural, familial and historical paradigms that you can create the actions that will serve you in accomplishing the results you are striving for.

Whether you know what you want in life and are not sure how to get there, you seem not to be able to avoid what you don’t want, or simply do not even know what is missing, I will seek to challenge your presumptions and help you recognize the patterns and narratives that are keeping you from living the life you desire.

“We don’t just need a new map: we need ways to change the mapmaker.”

– Ken Wilbur

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